• Waterproof, Corrosion Resistant Construction 

  • Extraordinary Immunity to Extraneous Loads and Temperature Gradients 

  • 4 mV/V Output or, ±5 Volt Output (Option V) 

  • Measure Road Load, Braking Effort and Wheel Speed 

  • Installs Simply Without Vehicle Rework 

  • No Slip Rings, Ferrite’s, or Semiconductor Gages 

  • NIST Traceable Dead Weight Calibration

  • Torque Ranges: 250 to 100,000 lbf-in (28 to 11,300 N-m) 

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Himmelstein MCRT®27000T Series Torque Wheels accurately measure wheel torque and speed during driving, braking and coastdown. Standard models are available for front wheel, rear wheel, and all wheel drive vehicles. Applications include characterization of road load driving conditions, and coastdown, emissions correlation, braking and chassis dynamometer tests.

Installation is made without vehicle rework. Mounting the torque transducer on a standard wheel produces a small offset. The offset can be eliminated with a modified wheel. Torque transducer weight and inertia emulate a conventional wheel.

Excellent temperature compensation and a unique sensor design provides intrinsic immunity to temperature gradients and radial and cornering loads. These torque wheels are constructed of corrosion resistant materials and waterproofed to permit operation in shallow water. They also exhibit unprecedented tolerance to inevitable cable shunts caused by salt or other contaminants.

These models require strain gage, AC carrier style amplifier with capable of providing 3 - 6 volts rms at 3 kHz ±10%.

Nonlinearity (% of F.S.)

=< ±0.10

Hysteresis (% of F.S.)

=< ±0.10

Nonrepeatability (% of F.S.)


Accuracy (combined Nonlinearity, hysteresis and nonrepeatability, % of F.S.)


Stability, 6 Months (% of F.S.)


Rotational Effect on Zero (% of F.S.)


Calibration Accuracy(% of F.S. @ 75 deg F, traceable to NIST)


Temperature Effects:

Zero (% of F.S./deg. F.)


Span (% of Rdg./deg. F.)


Compensated Range

+75 to +175 deg. F

Minimum Useable Range

-25 to +185 deg. F.

Storage Range

-65 to +225 deg. F.


4 mV/V

Zero Balance

+<±1% of F.S.

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